Relationship Banker Job Description


A relationship banker, also referred to as a personal banker, acts as an intermediary between the client and the banking institutions, creating and sustaining the connection while also providing advice on anything from personal and company affairs to investments, mortgages, and confidentiality. As a relationship banker, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the bank’s goods and services, as well as your customers’ requirements and financial plans, allowing you to assist them to optimise and handling their assets. They can be considered as a finance specialist who assists clients in making checking account selections while also conveying bank policies. Meeting with potential clients to create additional business for their bank, advising existing bank associates on how to handle their transactions with the bank, reviewing bank policy and legal trends to provide customers with the most useful investment advice are just a few of the duties they perform regularly.

Relationship Banker Job Titles:

  • Relationship Banker
  • Personal Banker

Relationship Banker Job Summary:

We’re seeking a relationship banker to join our group and have expertise in a similar field. They must provide services to consumers and small businesses by proactively engaging with them to comprehend and assist with their present and future financial needs. They should collaborate with colleagues to provide great customer service, build, develop, and retain connections, and assist consumers in achieving financial success. Asks inquiries to understand consumers’ financial requirements, analyzes customers’ life situations and aspirations, and shares how our business can assist by investigating with aggressive approach and meetings. Creates connections with local employees and stakeholders by collaborating just to best serve clients and builds a network of contacts through continuous outreach. Associates with financial planners to determine the most relevant referrals for customers seeking investing or retirement advice.

Relationship Banker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Make contact with potential retail customers and form commercial ties.
  •  greet clients and create a professional, cordial relationship.
  • Assess consumers’ investment requirements, offer financial solutions, and, if necessary, connect them to the relevant branch managers
  • For clients, open new cash, savings, and other deposit accounts.
  • To customers and bank personnel, explain precisely product and service features, criteria and limits, modifications, and other pertinent product details.
  • Handle customer accounts, including account opening and closing, as well as activity oversight.
  • Maintain current client relationships by providing continued financial services

Relationship Banker Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in finance, accounting, or business management
  • More than 2 years of experience in similar filed
  • Obtain service experience.
  • Expertise with a computer and data entering
  • The capacity to retain a professional and courteous approach even when under duress.
  • Familiarity with financial applications and jargon
  • Financial norms and rules are well-versed
  • Talents in arithmetic and critical reasoning
  • Ability to evaluate client needs, identify issues, and provide alternatives
  • Potential to function individually as well as in a group

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