Residential Support Worker Job Description


A residential care provider assists people in living independently and is responsible for the well-being of those who are sensitive. They assist people in living freely and achieving their full potential by offering both care and support. They can work in a range of settings, such as at home or childcare centers, both alone and as part of a group. A support worker’s duty varies, but they all assist persons who are fragile for a variety of reasons, including mental health issues, learning difficulties, and physical impairment. They may be required to labor in patients’ homes, assisting them with duties such as movement, feeding, and drinking, as well as personal care. Because the persons they support have different requirements, the tasks of a care assistant are distinct and varied. They could assist with food prep, domestic tasks, medication administration, financial management, community access, doctor visits, job search, and moral support.

Residential Support Worker Job Titles:

  • Residential Support Worker
  • Residential Support Professional

Residential Support Worker Job Summary:

We’re seeking a residential support worker with a health and social care degree. The post is most suited for you if you are enthusiastic about caregiving and making a difference in someone’s life, are linked with our supports, and want to work in a growing company that values and promotes its employees. We’re searching for compassionate, people-oriented folks who can enhance our customers’ days and make a difference in people’s lives. To succeed in this position, you must have your automobile and a valid driver’s license, as well as lifting, and bowel care experience or a desire to learn. Providing aid, support, and supervising activities outside the home setting, which may include transport services of your customer, aiding with medication adherence, which may include the exemption of prescribed drugs, and food aid, which include making meals, are all part of the employment duties.

Residential Support Worker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Evaluate each resident’s needs and progress
  • Deliver physical care
  • Establish safe and favorable living conditions
  • Establish behavioral boundaries for youngsters
  • Provide counseling or main group counseling sessions
  • Provide recreational and creative chances
  • Instruct daily life skills such as financial planning and shopping
  • Become a good leader and partner to the person and share desires such as pastimes and outings
  • Maintain a record and prepare notes
  • Deal directly with resident family members
  • Work with health care providers
  • Become a model citizen and partner to the individual and end up sharing desires such as pastimes and field trips

Residential Support Worker Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in health and social care
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Computer fluency and administrative abilities
  • Ability to work in a group and take initiative
  • Tact, tolerance, and compassion
  • Proven knowledge of adolescent additional needs and trauma-informed treatment, as well as recent relevant professional experience with at-risk youth, are required.  
  • State Driver’s License with No Restrictions
  • First Aid Card

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