Salon Apprentice Job Description


A salon apprentice position is a full-time job that includes training. The job entails aiding with the salon’s hygiene, communicating with customers, performing hairdressing services, and assisting teammates. Practicing in a salon setting will help in gaining practical knowledge. They will be exposed to highly skilled haircuts daily. They will acquire a nationally recognized diploma and apprenticeship certification as a result of their practical skills, which will aid them in learning theoretical components. Responsible for providing a safe, hygienic, and sterile environment, aiding senior stylists in delivering salon service, interacting favorably with clients and encouraging the good image in the salon, welcoming clients, preparing tools and materials, and goods for services, answering phones, handling with queries and making appointments, handling client payouts, making and offering refreshment for clients, and helping to promote salon offerings are just a few of the key jobs of a salon apprenticeship.

Salon Apprentice Job Titles:

  • Salon Apprentice
  • Salon Helper

Salon Apprentice Job Summary:

We’re seeking a high school graduate or GED holder to join our team as a salon apprentice. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in all elements of the industry while working in an affluent and creative setting. To serve our strong clients, we’re searching for someone prepared to go far beyond. Giving visitors exceptional customer service, assuring the salon is always tidy and appealing, helping with style, shampooing, color application, and other assistance as needed are all part of the daily chores, and you must be ready to work weekends. State requirements need current cosmetology or license. Focusing on the needs of guests, delivering quality advice, and completing services needed in a knowledgeable, efficient, and dignified way are all examples of superior customer service. This aide must be keen to learn and improve their skills to become one of the finest in the field.

Salon Apprentice Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assisting hairdressers with shampooing, drying, and brushing customers’ hair
  • Blow drying and curling clients’ hair
  • Preparing hair color treatments
  • Communicating with clients and determining what color is added
  • Mixing the color and giving it to the stylist to apply
  • Assisting with salon maintenance
  • Shampooing and conditioning clients’ hair, as well as applying hair treatments and head massages
  • Greeting customers, providing nourishment and assisting with salon appearance
  • Able to attend training classes as needed and learn to counsel people on different products
  • Keep up with the newest trends by learning to utilize an electronic point of sale system and dealing with some parts of everyday spending

Salon Apprentice Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Able to get along well with people
  • Prior experience in a related sector will be an extra plus
  • Effective talker and a nice attitude
  • Enjoy working hard and aiding the team throughout the hectic season
  • Ability to just provide superior customer service, including knowing the guest’s needs, providing excellent consultations, and services of the right quality demanded in a proficient, convenient, and professional method
  • Tech knowledge and capacity to learn salon scheduling booking system
  • Ability to work a flexible work schedule, including nights and weekends
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