Senior Auditor Job Description


The senior auditor will be leading the internal as well as external auditors and they maintain specific duties in an organization. Their primary duty is to ensure the company’s financial operation is performed precisely and meets required standards and policies. They oversee auditing activities and make sure each duty is performed and completed by the auditors in the team. They lead and assist auditing duties and ensure the process is performed meeting company standards. They conduct staff to check, suggest ideas to the management on decisions, and indulge in various auditing activities when needed. The candidates must possess extensive knowledge in auditing procedures and policies, and must be confident leading other members of the team. They need to be reliable and possess strong organizational skills. The candidate should be expertise in risk management and compliance.

Senior Auditor Job Titles:

  • Senior Auditor
  •  Auditor
  • Audit Senior

Senior Auditor Job Summary

We are looking to hire a senior auditor who has a degree in accountancy, accounting, finance, or a related field. we are looking to hire senior candidates who can perform duties well under high pressure and must be able to provide training to junior staff. The candidate should be a talented person who can perfectly handle clients. We require a candidate who has experience in audit or risk functions including covering risk identification, mitigation, and can demonstrate through work experience. The candidate must have great knowledge about an audit, risk methods, and supporting tools. He should be an excellent problem solver as well as a team player. Certification in CPA will be an added advantage. He should know various fields like consumer lending, business and banking, issue validation, regulatory validation, and retail business.

Senior Auditor Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Organize and review various auditing task
  • Assess the risk and take steps to reduce them
  • Lead the auditor team, provide apt duties, and review teams performance
  • Make sure they complete the audit process on time
  • Document the reports and send them to the audit manager
  • Optimize the audit activities and maximize compliances with efficiency
  • Work following company rules and regulations
  • Make sure and cross-check there is no errors or faults in data and figures
  • Guide and monitor the auditing task from start to finish

Senior Auditor Skills and Qualification:

  • A degree in accountancy, accounting, finance, or related field
  • Must possess a minimum of 4 years of experience in the similar field
  • Master degree or CPA certificate is preferred
  • Knowledge about control and auditing practices
  • Understanding audit-related law and regulations
  • Work with integrity
  • A team player
  • Computer knowledge
  • Must handle multiple task or assignment
  • Showcase a high level of professionalism
  •  knowledge about auditing standards, policies, and procedures
  • Analytical thinker and communication skill
  • Follow accounting principles
  • Prioritizing skills and analytical skills
  • Critical problem-solving skills
  •  Attention to detail

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