Sheet Metal Mechanic Job Description


A sheet metal mechanic is a trained professional who works with sheet metal to create, implement, and fix it. To construct and repair metal items, these professionals specialize in heating, chilling, and vent hoods. For facility installation and maintenance projects, they will manufacture, construct, and install various sorts of metal structures and equipment. Sheet metal workers are in charge of fitting and producing thin metal sheets that are utilized in a wide range of applications. Fastening metal seams, soldering, attaching, establishing supportive frames, taking measurements, and moving stuff around are all things they do regularly. HVAC ducts, roof repairs, guttering, and siding are all installed by them. They determine the reasons for operating problems as well as the best course of action for resolving them. It is required of them to be able to read and understand blueprints, as well as succeed in mathematics.

Sheet Metal Mechanic Job Titles:

  • Sheet Metal Mechanic
  • Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet Metal Mechanic Job Summary:

As a sheet metal technician with our firm, you will join a spectacular team of highly regarded and skilled individuals. We are a family-owned and run company committed to providing high-quality work and exceptional customer service. You will design, set out, fix, and construct sheet metal goods and parts as a member of our team. You’ll get to put your technological and math skills to work by operating tooling and collecting data from designs. This position is ideal for anyone looking to maximize their skills while working for a family-oriented organization that values hard work.

Sheet Metal Mechanic Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Use and analyze blueprints to identify how and where sheet metal goods should be fabricated, assembled, and installed.
  • Utilizing scribes, rulers, calculators, and squares, estimate, label measurements, and layout items to be fitted.
  • Build assemblies, such as pipes, HVAC ducts, flashings, rain sheets, and heater casings, in supporting frameworks, using solder, welding, caulk, bolts, and metal driver clips to ensure work is handled slowly and connections will last.
  • When designing and implementing HVAC systems, make sure to maximize efficiency.
  • Reduce, buff, polish, file, and reduce metal parts and joints of completed parts with hand tools to assure safety and a flawless look.
  • After sheet metal erection, arranges essential equipment closures and startup with other divisions.
  • Creates and maintains project and service records.
  • Creates a neat work environment.

Sheet Metal Mechanic Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • More than 2 years of expertise in a similar role
  • Skill to finish sheet metal tasks with precision and accuracy.
  • Ability to worksheet metal machinery and tools in a safe manner.
  • Skill to adhere to instructions.
  • To grasp product allocation, you must be able to read blueprints and diagrams.
  • Technical aptitude as well as the ability to read and comprehend engineering texts and diagrams are required.
  • Metal, alloys, aviation adhesives, and coatings expertise
  • Great hand coordination and tool competence are required.
  • Physical prowess and agility are required to climb onto planes and manage replacement parts

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