Site Architect Job Description


The project is overseen by the site architect from conception to end, ensuring better, creative, and useful design. The development brief is given to clients and includes project proposals and design suggestions. They design architecture to satisfy the needs of their clients while also considering the influence on the environment. They apply their construction expertise and advanced drawing skills to create designs that are practical, safe, and long-lasting. They are involved in the project from start to finish, adapting plans to budget limits, environmental conditions, and client requirements. From surveyors to building service architects, they collaborate with a diverse group of construction experts. The site architect’s responsibilities include constructing architectural styles and extremely detailed drawings using CAD software, liaising with construction firms about the viability of new initiatives, working around multiple factors such as city planning legislation, impact on the environment, and budget of the project, applying for planning approval, and receiving advice from the authorities on new building regulations.

Site Architect Job Titles:

  • Site Architect

Site Architect Job Summary:

To expand our practice in the Bay Area and Northern California, we are searching for a Senior Project Architect who values our enthusiasm and skill in initiatives focusing on transport, infrastructure, and civic design. As a senior member of our expert design group, you will operate independently to help customers plan and create budget-conscious, award-winning solutions. You’ll build customer relations and give Sector leadership strategic advice. Because of your background, you are well-versed in the site plan, specs, budgets, and building standards. You’ll be in charge of leading and coordinating a multi-disciplined group of designers, builders, and engineers who are dedicated to developing exceptional design concepts in ecologically friendly environments.

Site Architect Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Monitor the creative process from concept to project administration to ensure the coherence of design concepts
  • Plan and carry out minor revisions to finish the work design setting
  • Oversee the development of technical drawings by less senior designers
  • Completely control the program and maintain a good, inventive, and functional design
  • Create thorough blueprints and remedy any errors
  • Compile the project requirements
  • Request authorization to build and legal assistance from the govt’s new facility and legal department.
  • Record and present studies, proposals, applications, and contracts
  • Modify plans to changing circumstances and handle any difficulties that may develop during work
  • Drive to work sites, suggested locations, and client meetings regularly.

Site Architect Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in architecture
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Excellent layout and daft talent and competence with CAD
  • A great eye for details
  • Exceptional skills communicating to both technical and senior audiences utilizing seminars and demos
  • Prepared to work very long hours, under time and cost constraints
  • Effective hands-on competence with SQL and SQL analytics
  • Vast knowledge of and familiarity with multiple database technologies
  • Capability and willingness to go to customers’ locations to work with them on-site

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