Spa Attendant Job Description


The spa is an area where customers can obtain massages, facials, and other therapies. Spa attendants must keep the front waiting area neat and clutter-free, as well as maintain spa cabins after each guest visit. They employ chemical-free cleansers that aren’t harsh to the gear. Stockpiling towels is one of their prime tasks. They must welcome and engage with visitors, as well as explain to them the various spa treatments available. They should keep an eye on the building’s safety and keep track of any maintenance concerns. Examine all of the doors to verify that only regularly identified customers enter the spa, and daily cleaning of the space is essential. They should inspect spa equipment regularly for effective functioning and if necessary, make repairs. They must market items and services and guarantee that guests are satisfied.

Spa Attendant Job Titles:

  • Spa Attendant
  • Spa Assistant

Spa Attendant Job Summary:

We’re seeking energetic individuals who are eager to join the team and are willing to leap into any circumstance to lend a hand. We encourage you to support our team if you are a happy, versatile, and perceptive person with a strong interest in the well-being of others. On arrival, offer visitors a broad spa overview, including the availability and use of dressing rooms, lounge spaces, and hostess areas. Provide clients with refreshments like drinks, juice, or warmed neck cushions. Respond to questions about the property’s facilities and basic information. Assist clients in getting into and out of treatment areas. During the day, monitor the pc for updates and modifications to the plan. Workstations, spa baths, dressing rooms, and lounge spaces must all be vacuumed. Place garbage and soiled sheets in the designated location. At the end of each shift, make sure all materials and gear are secure. The change room, lounge rooms, and hospitality desks have linens, consumables, and luxuries on hand.

Spa Attendant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Always arrive on time for a shift and have a consistent and reliable attendance record
  • Offer spa closets, gowns, and shoes to visitors and guide guests to their closets
  • Deliver orientation tour and describe spa facilities offered and respond to guest questions
  • Ensure a stable, spotless, and organized spa environment
  • Share locker room materials and facilities and keep appropriate supply record
  • Maintain a good amount of supplies.
  • Inform managers when resources are low.
  • Evaluate visitor bookings as appropriate
  • Utilize spa software professionally and efficiently
  • Record visitor details in the online database
  • Answer calls quickly and uses visitors names during the conversation

Spa Attendant Skills and Qualification:

  •  A college diploma or its equivalent is required.
  • Should have a minimal level of one year of related experience
  • Expected to perform efficiently in fast-paced surroundings
  • Adore working with individuals and have a sociable demeanor
  • Must be a good leader
  • Follow instructions
  • Superior client skill
  • Multi-tasking • Business skill
  • Attention to detail
  • Task-oriented, credible, and effective communication skills

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