Special Education Teacher Assistant Job Description


In classrooms, special education teacher assistants offer direct assistance to both instructors and children. This role combines direct student support with everyday functions like eating and going to the toilet with schoolwork including preparing curriculum and customizing learning activities and teaching resources to meet the needs of individual students. The assistant also ensures that their classes and teachings meet the school government’s syllabus and that student data are kept up to date. They work with special needs kids in general classroom settings to help them achieve their educational objectives. Due to the diverse and unique needs of the students, assistants will provide a range of support and help, and they should be flexible in adapting to the demands of students. They may indeed clean and organize the class, as well as create demos or visual aids for certain lessons. Assistants are expected to be aware of the kids’ needs and to be on the lookout for any dangers when carrying out tasks.

Special Education Teacher Assistant Job Titles:

  • Special Education Teacher Assistant
  • Special Education Teacher Aide
  • Special Need Teaching Assistant

Special Education Teacher Assistant Job Summary:

Do you appreciate forming long-term relationships with children, developing effective and positive behavioral support programs, and striving to improve as a teacher and a teammate? For our school, we’re looking for a special education teacher assistant with experience in a related profession. We think that all children can learn if they are engaged in a stimulating atmosphere that includes high standards, tough academics, and loving, committed people. The teaching assistant will assist a teacher in managing academics and student behavior. Daily, you will be required to manage the following activities: Collaborate with groups of students to help them achieve their IEP objectives, instruct, review, and reaffirm educational content, maintain proper and organized data on student details, aid with school set-up and logistic support, student material preparation, and student behavioral management and de-escalation.

Special Education Teacher Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Cooperating with teachers to create lesson plans that satisfy educational requirements as well as the individual needs of children in the classroom
  • Offer direct support to kids, such as assisting with sociability and everyday routines like eating, going to the toilet, as well as using classroom resources.
  • Produce workbooks to improve a student’s knowledge of a lesson, add visual aids to promote a students’ comprehension, or develop exercises to aid students in learning.
  • Collaborate closely with instructors to develop teaching materials and customize resources to their students’ requirements.

Special Education Teacher Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is required
  • Working with people who have a mental or physical disabilities is a plus.
  • Capacity to properly connect and communicate with youngsters who have special needs.
  • The skill to moderate behavior and intervene in a situation.
  • Enjoy working as part of a team to assist with special needs kids.
  • Potential to make decisions based on sound judgment and awareness of student behavior.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities.

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