Store Helper Job Description


In a shop or retail outlet, a store worker sells things and serves customers. Handling sales activity, managing client complaints, and keeping the business tidy are among their key responsibilities. They operate in the retail industry. They are responsible for any task that is relevant to earning revenue for their employer. This covers tasks like floor retailing, stock processing, and product sales to consumers. Grocery stores, retail stores, big-box merchants, home renovation businesses, and department stores are all areas where they can operate. The post of Store Assistant is entry-level. Depending on the business, the items and sorts of clients may differ. When products on the store run out, they must arrange with inventory clerks to refill them. They must keep the area neat following their business’s visual merchandising guidelines. Store assistants also aid stock clerks with shipping and receiving. Each box is checked in using stock scanning devices and inventory software, and then nicely placed in the storage area. They are in charge of mopping the showroom, cleaning glass and mirrors, and organizing merchandise on the shopfloor according to business requirements.

Store Helper Job Titles:

  • Store Helper
  • Store Assistant

Store Helper Job Summary:

We’re seeking a store helper to join our group and have expertise in a similar field. The applicant should Support contribution collection by driving in a truck and loading, transporting, and moving donations into the vehicle, as well as unloading them at the storehouse. Helps the Truck Driver with navigation, assures the traceability, privacy, and protection of the donations while on the road, and aids in keeping the truck in good functioning order and adhering to approved standards. The applicant needs to assist clients with donating, finding, and selecting shop items, inventories and organizing store stuff nicely and appropriately, supervise display cases, and conduct different cleaning duties to ensure the shop is kept clean.

Store Helper Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Maintaining a properly supplied store
  • Keeping the best visual marketing and shop conditions possible
  • Customer happiness is boosted by providing great customer service.
  • Engaging with clients and determining their preferences and demands
  • Examine items and goods for any damage or breaking.
  • Help retail employees with stock control
  • Keep the retail area tidy, clean, and sanitary.
  • Handle objects and goods in a store with care and caution
  • Customers’ items should be cartwheeled and hauled up towards the exit
  • Establish the highest standards in customer support

Store Helper Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Effective customer service strategies are a must-have.
  • familiarity with the designated geographic area
  • Ability to collaborate and work successfully with others
  • Ability to keep the store exhibits tidy and ordered 
  • Capacity to carry out tough, heavy labor that includes lifting and transporting big objects
  • Constant strolling, bending, standing, and climbing are required, as well as the capacity to stand and walk for long periods.
  • Any other blend of experience and education that gives the necessary understanding, talents, and abilities

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