Surgical Assistant Job Description


During surgeries or other medical interventions, a surgical assistant assists surgeons and nurses. Their main responsibilities include setup patient charts, sterilizing, assembling, and checking surgical gear, and ensuring that the operating rooms are prepared and dry to be used. They are responsible for a range of tasks before, through, and after the operation. Any medical instruments or tools must be cleaned and sterilized as part of this procedure. They inspect the tools to ensure that they are in good operating order. They are responsible for the patient’s prep, which involves learning about the patient’s condition and any past health problems, as well as setup charts, x-rays, and other patient paperwork as needed. They immediately assist the doctor by performing surgical chores, checking electronic devices, and ensuring the patient’s history is functioning normally during the treatment. Surgical assistants may also be requested to do things like implant tubes, administer injections, close wounds, cut sutures, and clean and refill the surgery area.

Surgical Assistant Job Titles:

  • Surgical assistant

Surgical Assistant Job Summary:

We’re seeking a trained surgical assistant to join our team. They will work under the direct supervision of the lead operating surgeon, assisting in patient care delivery, operation, and other tasks as needed. The practitioner will collaborate with health care professionals to give high-quality treatment to each client. Must have 3 years of relevant prior experience in a related discipline. Applicants must engage with staff and patients in a good and professional way. The Surgical Assistant’s position is important to the surgeon’s ability to deliver superior patient care that results in the best health outcomes and satisfies our patients’ demands. During treatment, the Surgical Assistant will support doctors by conducting tasks such as muscle retract, intravenous lines, and paperwork. They must undertake pre and post-surgical duties to facilitate care delivery and to verify patients’ and surgical sites’ identities.

Surgical Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Protecting the patient with surgical drapes to maintain a sterile operating field, removing the patient’s vital hair, and disinfecting the incision site
  • Determine the capacity of sterile and non-sterile surgical instruments and inspecting them
  • Modify and maintain the operating room temp, moisture, and lighting as per the surgeon’s requirements
  • Assisting the patient with CPR in the event of heart failure or other life-threatening situations
  • Assist with the positioning of patient’s organs to prevent nerve injury and examine patients’ overall health after surgery
  • Monitor clients’ vitals, posture, and blood color during surgery.
  • Control bleeding via sutures, staples, clips, drainage systems, and clamps

Surgical Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in surgical aid is required, as well as the successful execution of clinical training.
  • A minimum of three years of experience in a related sector is required.
  • Better verbal and oral language skills
  • Level of detail, prioritization skill, and goal setting
  • A license to serve as a surgical assistant
  • Good physical ability and proper understanding of surgical activities and tasks

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