Surgical Instrument Technician Job Description


A surgical instrument technician’s role is to supervise the medical devices used during a surgical operation. Surgical instrument technicians are in charge of a lot of things both inside and outside the operating theatre. The technician must know how to prepare and disinfect the equipment in addition to being available in the surgery room to supply the needed tools. The work includes reviewing a patient’s condition, stocking the surgical site with the necessary equipment, and disinfecting the incision area of the patient. During the procedure, the technician assists the surgeon by running diagnostic tools, checking the patient’s condition, and discarding used equipment. The majority of surgical instrument experts operate in hospital operation theatres, although they may also serve in outpatient care centers, outpatient surgery centers, and other facilities that do invasive tests like colonoscopies or oral operations. The clinical tasks that a surgical equipment technician is expected to do will vary depending on the facility, the type of procedures being performed, and the hospital’s requirements.

Surgical Instrument Technician Job Titles:

  • Surgical Instrument Technician
  • Medical Instrument Technician

Surgical Instrument Technician Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a surgical instrument technician for our healthcare center and he must possess enough skill and expertise to perform the job effectively. To assure quality, assess the need for replacement, authenticate the set’s wholeness, and assist in proper sterilization, you must examine, arrange, and assess all surgical equipment and equipment sets. You’ll be responsible for operating sterilizing gear and inspecting devices, tools, and containers for hygiene and proper operation. Maintain correct stock levels to assure case cart supply, and conduct peer quality control program audits regularly.

Surgical Instrument Technician Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Selecting and decontaminating used and polluted devices, equipment, and supplies.
  • Cleaning supplies of pollutants, eliminating waste, and running and maintaining disinfection devices all require manual labor.
  • Getting sanitized items ready for sterilization by cleaning and packing them.
  • Sterilization equipment supervision and operation
  • Performing a thorough inspection of items to ensure that they have been adequately cleaned and sanitized.
  • Sterilization gear should be tested and any issues or concerns should be reported.
  • Instrument trays are sterilized, prepared, wrapped, and organized for usage during medical operations.
  • Collecting and providing all essential surgical, examinations, surgical procedures, and healthcare cart equipment and instruments.
  • Disinfectant techniques, sterilized products, equipment upkeep, and supplies must all be documented.
  • Stock control, restocking supplies, and verifying expiry dates are all tasks that must be completed.

Surgical Instrument Technician Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is preferred
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience
  • A two-year degree in an allied health program specializing in surgical or biomedical procedures.
  • Certification with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • A detailed background investigation and verification of current immunizations are required.
  • On the job, precise attention to detail, alertness, and care is required.
  • A strong desire to keep others secure.
  • Good judgment and critical-thinking abilities are required.
  • Manual agility and the ability to work with delicate equipment are required.
  • Technical abilities and knowledge of sterilization methods are required.
  • The ability to function well in a group or on your alone.

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