System Support Analyst Job description


System support analysts assist in the resolution of problems with software, hardware, and peripherals. They focus on various elements of the IT division and give end-users broad technical help in this job. The support analyst would investigate problems with IT software and tools and implement fixes to keep the system running. They collaborate with specialists and administrators to handle problems, and the role necessitates great analytical and tactical problem-solving skills in conjunction with customer support. They assist consumers with technical challenges via a variety of methods, including media platforms, email, phone, and in-person assistance. They are in charge of handling and tracking support calls, setting and installing computer systems, networks, hardware, and printers, and many of them choose to operate in an ad hoc manner. Other responsibilities include organizing and executing service upgrades, troubleshooting password difficulties, detecting, examining, and resolving software and hardware problems.

System Support Analyst Job Titles:

  • System Support Analyst
  • IT Support Analyst

System Support Analyst Job Summary:

We’re seeking a qualified applicant with a background in computer science and information technology. The IT Support Analyst will help with the installation and management of IT systems that are used by end-users. This position will collaborate with corporate users to identify challenges and provide scalable, dependable solutions. Problem resolution and technology request fulfillment are among the job responsibilities, which also include reviewing and maintaining proper application inventory and technical information, updating install code and reviewing logic for automated systems, reviewing technology queries and assisting in product offerings from approved techniques, maintaining appropriate process paperwork, and providing outstanding customer service to all teammates. They should also debug and resolve PC concerns, take part in projects and see them through to finalization, make sure that all IT support procedures are accurately recorded and organized, translate company operations into appropriate technical solutions, and collaborate with the IT team to put IT systems in place.

System Support Analyst Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Install, maintain, and debug core enterprise applications, such as an application server, associated hardware, and databases.
  • Establish the scope of work and system objective requirements in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Create, analyze, prioritize, and organize required specifications, data mapping diagrams, and other visual aids for developers to implement.
  • Define and manage the implementation of testing protocols
  • Create test cases to support the quality assurance system
  • Handle system set up and installation
  • Use best practices for scalability, maintainability, system stability, and convenience of maintenance
  • Provide the necessary project documents and training
  • Transform technical characteristics into accessible non-technical needs

System Support Analyst Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in computer or IT
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Excellent computer hardware, software, and analytical skills
  • Great analytical skills
  • One year of experience supporting computer device components, software, and software platforms
  • Experience with Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and MS Office.
  • Excellent customer service abilities
  • Lifting and maneuvering 50 pounds is a must.

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