Target Sales Associate Job Description


At Target, sales associates are interested in selling to and serving customers, as well as guaranteeing operational efficiencies and faultless retail operations. Their job comprises establishing emotional connections with clients to help the store meet its KPI goals. Clients are greeted in a pleasant, polite, and friendly manner by sales personnel at the business. Target sales employees are also responsible for cashiering and cash management, which includes ringing up customers’ transactions while adhering to the company’s cash transactions and register regulations. Other cashiering responsibilities include counting money, verifying the amount, issuing receipts, and providing change to consumers. Sales associates must also read and understand data on price tickets, as well as enter data using a terminal keyboard and use a calculator. Cleansing, arranging, and managing the business are among their responsibilities.

Target Sales Associate Job Titles:

  • Target Sales Associate
  • Sales Associate

Target Sales Associate Job Summary:

Our company is looking to hire a sales associate for a permanent post and the candidate should hold enough expertise in a similar position. At Target, the sales associate should help with marketing tasks like unloading items from trucks, arranging and cleaning the storeroom, and filling supplies. Their responsibilities also include following business standards when arranging products on the shop floor, maintaining standards in the discount area, and performing markdowns. When processing sales activity, make sure that the store’s cash-protection protocols are followed at all times. Use your selling skills to create add-on sales at the cash register that will help you build brand loyalty. Clients’ product returns, cash refunds, and goods exchange cases are handled by you.

Target Sales Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Use all of the store’s assets to fulfill both personal and store goals.
  • Maintain a safe functioning and shopping atmosphere for colleagues and customers by following the store’s processes and practices.
  • To reach and exceed store targets, work cooperatively and efficiently with other teammates.
  • Make use of existing learning opportunities and try to enhance personal and retail productivity. When necessary, offer help to colleagues.
  • Utilize the company’s service methodology to meet and exceed customers’ expectations while also increasing brand awareness and sales.
  • By being an enthusiastic firm brand ambassador, you may create a strong bond with your customers.
  • Learn about the company’s business regularly so that you can properly guide customers.
  • Ensure that cleaning and visual merchandising requirements are met for customers to find the store pleasant and comfortable to shop in.
  • Maintain vigilance and alertness while serving consumers on the shop floor to prevent loss.

Target Sales Associate Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in management or sales is preferred
  • Minimum 3 years of expertise in a similar role
  • Customer service standards and methods are well-understood and well-understood.
  • Strong ability to work well under pressure, as well as to swiftly learn and adapt.
  • Good ability to understand and carry out written and verbal directions, as well as to ask for an explanation when needed.
  • Exhibit an inspiring attitude that benefits the team.
  • Demonstrate a strong ability to connect to teammates and establish productive working relationships with them.

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