Taxi Driver Job Description


Taxi drivers are also known by the name as chauffeurs and their task involves an operating car, SUV, van or limousine. Their responsibilities include carrying passengers from one destination to another. They collect passengers from a designated area along with their luggage and drop them at a designated location in the safest way possible. Taxi drivers can work independently or with companies. Companies hire drivers to transfer their staff and clients to various destination and drivers will be paid a fixed monthly salary for their service. Drivers charge passengers the established fare which can be flat-rated or calculated by taximeter based on the distance of the ride.

Taxi Driver Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a friendly experienced taxi driver who can ensure each journey remains a safe and pleasurable one. The driver can work with his own schedule and decide what areas want to drive within the city. Your task includes collecting clients from various destinations, transporting them to various locations, assisting them with their luggage, maintaining the vehicle properly, behaving with customers politely, and processing payment. As a taxi driver, you must be punctual, reliable and superb at time management. We have a sales team, call center, and customer booking app and get accessed to our computerized dispatch system which will send thousands of trips each day assisting drivers growing their business.

Taxi Driver Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Contacting companies, passengers and customers through phone and following direction to the designated pick up point
  • Picking up passengers from the street and dropping them at their destination
  • Informing passengers about fares and fees
  • Parking the vehicle at a designated location where passengers may board
  • Ensuring passengers are properly seated
  • Assisting elderly passengers with their luggage
  • Driving passengers to their destination following best route possible
  • Receiving special direction from passengers and ensuring safety throughout the journey
  • Following traffic laws and regulations
  • Checking the vehicle thoroughly like testing light, window, brake, horn, and wiper
  • Inspecting the tire condition, fluid level, motor oil, and air pressure
  • Responding to emergencies and accidents and assisting passengers with a medical emergency
  • Driving passengers to the hospital if necessary
  • Requesting replacement of vehicle to continue carrying passengers to their destination
  • Keeping a record of the working hour, fare and journey

Taxi Driver Skills and Qualification:

  • Fully certified as a taxi driver with at least 1 years of experience
  • Must possess valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance
  • Require high school diploma/GED
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Great time management skill and communication skill
  • Able to speak, read and write English
  • Able to fill the form appropriately
  • Able to drive for an extended period of time
  • Must pass a background check, criminal record check, and drug screen
  • A warm approachable manner
  • Great technical knowledge about vehicle
  • Familiar with handling money
  • Able to deal with customers from various background
  • Good knowledge about route, traffic, short-cuts, and highway

Taxi Driver job Titles:

Taxi DriverChauffeur
Cab DriverShuttle Driver
Taxi Cab DriverCorporate Driver
Escort Car DriverLimousine driver

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