Technical Associate Job Description


Technical associates specialize in the field of information technology and are also known as client tech support associates. Installing and fixing software and programs, debugging, and performing regular tests and repairs to guarantee seamless operation are all part of a technical associate’s job description. They normally operate under the supervision of a manager and work in teams to prepare daily updates. They must troubleshoot issues and come up with solutions. The technical associate is a remote worker who interacts with clients via phone or email. Depending on the company’s needs, they may be required to work extended hours. Handle the design and implementation of software, maintain Powerpoint slides using media shout, create different scripts for utility services and optimize administrative duties for server activities and local computer support technicians, and command over website design using Javascript, and HTML are just a few of the commitments of a technical associate.

Technical Associate Job Titles:

  • Technical Associate
  • Technical Assistant

Technical Associate Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a technical associate who has a bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, and system management. As an associate tech assistance, you’ll have the unique ability to integrate innovative problem-solving, excellent customer service, and technical talents in one position. As a member of our 24-hour customer support staff, you will deliver a superior level of service to our clients by assisting them in solving their difficulties and overcoming any technical barriers in their way. Our internal best-in-class staff will assist you get up and operating and prepared for broad way by providing ample learning and development programs. If you’re searching for a job where you can engage with consumers while also learning about cutting-edge technology, this could be the right fit for you. Respond to and address client concerns and issues quickly and cheerfully. To identify and resolve client concerns and issues, communicate with them using various channels such as telephone, online, and email.

Technical Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Create program specifications and evaluate with the client to meet the demand
  • Put in new, updated, or third-party working software
  • Monitor database structures and procedures, system utilization, and efficiency aid with program execution and online support and awareness
  • Deliver technical leadership, assisting with program execution and online support and marketing
  • Create protocol test scripts and network analysis scripts in C, C++, and Linux
  • Create web sites using HTML, CSS, and Ajax control and CSS
  • Diagnose and solve suitable database issues
  • Develop an allocated data to serve certain applications by supervising, analyzing, and verifying data integrity

Technical Associate Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer programming, or management system is required, as well as a minimum of one year of expertise in a related field
  • A current and in-depth understanding of network infrastructure is required, as well as awareness of academic and administrative DBMS
  • Able to focus and efficiently handle various projects
  • Able to successfully solve problems
  • Punctual, dependable, and must have great communication skills
  • Excellent verbal and vocal communication skills
  • Level of detail, prioritization skills, and stress management

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