Technical Support Associate Job Description


The IT systems are managed, maintained, and repaired by the technical support associate. Diagnose and repair defects, solve connection issues, and deploy and configure gear and software are among their responsibilities. They claim ownership of client complaints and work to resolve the issues. Troubleshoot technical difficulties, offer timely client feedback, manage the roll-out of a new program, configure operating systems, and use a different computer to provide quick support are just a few of the responsibilities of a tech support associate. The key responsibilities of this position include computer operation, pc repair, cable setup, and user and workstation assistance. They carry out a variety of difficult tasks. It assists with responsibilities that ensure the smooth supply of technical support. They must keep the supervisor updated on the project status and technical difficulties.

Technical Support Associate Job Titles:

  • Technical Support Associate
  • Technical Support Assistant
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • IT Support Associate

Technical Support Associate Job Summary:

We’re searching for a technical support associate with a background in information technology, computer science, or a similar discipline. Throughout the year, the Technology Support Associate delivers in-person and virtual technology support to corporate staff and students. Professionals in this position also assist with networking infrastructure investments, employee onboarding, laptop scanning and setup, and hardware & system installations, among other things. Third-party suppliers, experts, and network operators should be interfaced with and coordinated by the employees. They must be able to incorporate exceptional technical ability with exceptional customer service. The tech support associate is an independent position that reports to the head of information services and is an important part of the team. They’ll be in charge of customer service, product refunds, quality assurance, supplier relationships, and technical sales assistance, as well as internal and external marketing. They should help the sales staff with product demos and technical questions.

Technical Support Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Identify tools and solutions
  • Diagnose technical challenges
  • Detect and correct the fault
  • Configure and set up equipment and software
  • Appropriately escalate unsolved issues to the appropriate internal team
  • Communicate with the customer via a set of actions, such as phone, mail, or chats
  • Track computer network issues through solutions within agreed-upon time frames
  • Ask clients focused questions to quickly grasp the basics of the problem
  • Deliver fast and correct feedback to clients
  • Access to an internal system or external resources to just provide accurate digital solutions
  • Make sure all measures are directly reported

Technical Support Associate Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in IT, computer engineering, or a related field is required.
  • A minimum of three years of experience in a similar field is required.
  • Hands-on expertise with Windows and Linux is required.
  • Able to detect and fix other technical difficulties with computer networks, portable devices, and other technology items
  • Be able to just provide step-by-step technical assistance using remote desktop apps and technical support software
  • Must be punctual, dependable, and have excellent communication skills.
  • Effective language and oral communication skills
  • Prioritization skills, and time management

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