Therapy Assistant Job Description


The physical therapy assistant is responsible for implementing specified components of care and treatments in a technically adept manner, as well as effectively instructing and counseling patients. They recognize the patients’ needs and show sympathy and care for their uniqueness. The physical therapist assistant’s job is to aid the patient in gaining mobility and progressing. They treat patients with medical difficulties and restrict their capacity to move or conduct functional tasks under the supervision of therapists. A therapy assistant’s responsibilities include developing a therapeutic relationship with the person, facilitating teamwork sessions with the therapists, understanding therapy goals and determining how to measure the results of therapy, providing feedback to the therapist on the therapeutic program’s advancement, prioritizing own volume of work, working independently, and using own effort to complete tasks. They efficiently train and coach patients in activities, use the most up-to-date research in the field of healing, reducing symptoms, and preventing injury, and create paperwork to facilitate the delivery of physiotherapy services. They should be well-versed in physiology best practices and guidelines.

Therapy Assistant Job Titles:

  • Therapy Assistant
  • Physical Therapy Assistant

Therapy Assistant Job Summary:

We’re seeking a therapy assistant with an appropriate degree to join our team. Under the direction of a competent physical therapist and in line with the set objectives of care, the physical therapy assistant should be able to administer physical therapy care. When advised and monitored by a qualified medical professional, performs all physical therapy processes, planned and assigned, as recommended by the doctor in the patient’s residence. Supervise non-complex medicinal exercises, manual therapy, grip, temperature, light, harsh, water, and electrical modes to customers with reasonably stable conditions. Clients are instructed, motivated, and assisted in developing and practicing functionalities. Recognizes and comments on a patient’s development and treatment response to the medical professional, as well as preparing clinical notes and daily updates to record therapy sessions.

Therapy Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Provide physical therapy services under the direction of professionals to enhance and maintain health
  • Deliver treatment programs for patients
  • Assess health status by examining them
  • Conduct physical examinations and updates
  • Review treatment records
  • Record patient medical services in the patient’s and department’s records.
  • Administer manual exercises as part of therapeutic processes.
  • Follow all laws, regulations, and protocols to ensure a safe and hygienic work atmosphere.
  • Assist the patient with the use of assistive devices such as walkers, canes, and prostheses.
  • Participate in educational initiatives to keep your job expertise up to date.

Therapy Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in physical therapy
  • At least one year of related experience
  • Being empathic and compassionate
  • Being aggressive and efficient
  • Being determined and caring
  • A high level of care and attention
  • Excellent understanding of physiology best practices and standards
  • Ability to communicate and explain effectively
  • Healthcare management and documentation abilities
  • License to practice or applicable certification
  • Hands-on expertise with exercise therapy, fitness training, and physical therapies
  • Exceptional organizational abilities
  • Punctual, dependable, and must be able to communicate effectively

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