Trainee Auditor Job Description


Auditing is an accounting profession and junior auditors work with a team of experienced auditors in a financial organization or a company. Auditing is performed by a team of auditors and they employ senior management and other staff at all levels. Some of the job duties performed by the trainee auditors include getting familiarised with the client’s business, evaluating the organization’s financial procedures, verifying the transaction that appears in the document, conducting the test to verify the financial data, analyzing the risk, and building a friendly relationship with clients. The candidate needs to be flexible and ready to travel to various branches. They must possess people skills and should be ready to meet various clients. They must know various processes and procedures in auditing the company account. They should provide suggestions to clients on how the system can be improved.

Trainee Auditor Job Titles:

  • Trainee Auditor
  • Auditor
  • Junior Auditor
  • Entry Level Auditor

Trainee Auditor Job Summary:

We are a reputed financial organization located in the US and are interested in hiring junior auditors who have completed their bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or management. They must have completed an internship in a similar field. The candidate needs to be reliable and motivated. If you are a driven individual and want to upgrade your career, the role is fit for you. The job duties include gaining exposure to audit programs offered by the firm, gain knowledge using audit software, construct financial statements using computer programs, be familiar with firm standards for preparing the paper, gain knowledge about the AICPA code of professional conduct, be familiar with AICPA and FASB, create designs and test in the area of cash, receivable and fixed asset, assist with verifying financial statement and other documents. They should communicate with the clients and team members in a professional manner.

Trainee Auditor Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Be familiar with handling clients and develop a good relationship with them
  • Lead the audit teams in testing financial systems
  • Perform approved audit programs
  • Document the fieldwork performed by the auditor meeting quality standards
  • Draft report for the manager
  • Work with the senior auditor for planning the audit
  • Verify the financial record of company’s and conform to business and accountancy
  • Review audit documents and ensure they meet international standards
  • Develop audit proposals for prospective clients
  • Produce management reports and consider audit points with the clients
  • Verify ledger and cash flow register

Trainee Auditor Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in accounting, financial management, or relevant subject
  • Must possess a minimum of 6 months of experience in the similar field
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Flexible and willing to travel
  • Must possess logic reasoning and math skill
  • Must be exceptional in calculations
  • Should have great knowledge about accounting laws
  • Must know how to verify documents following the norms
  • Must be organized and hardworking
  • Knowledge about auditing practice and relevant regulations
  • Financial skill, reporting, and research skills
  • Trustworthy, reliable, and honest
  • Punctual, reliable and must possess strong communication skill
  • Prioritization skills, and time management
  • Motivational skills

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