Union Representative Job Description


Union representatives serve an important and rewarding role in ensuring that other organizational employees have a safe, fair, and equal workplace. They work as a major link between unionized workers and organizational leadership, assuring that everyone follows the terms of their collective agreements. A union representative, also called a union steward, is a worker who works as an authorized union leader and advocates for their co-workers within a company. Union representatives usually volunteer for this role and are elected by their fellow union members in a fair election. However, prominent officials within the union organization may nominate union representatives in specific instances. Union representatives play an important role in assisting co-workers by speaking to union leaders on their behalf. They serve as the primary link between businesses and employees, assisting and guiding staff through workplace conflicts. Union representatives may do a range of responsibilities based on the sort of company they work for and the union they belong to, but they most typically observe workplace surroundings and address other employees’ issues.

Union Representative Job Titles:

  • Union Representative
  • Union Organiser
  • Union Officer

 Union Representative Job Summary:

We are looking to hire an experienced union representative who has knowledge and skill in a similar field. The Lead Union Representative will expand the member-driven union by giving employees more local and state influence. You will keep track of your activities and submit administrative reports. You must build relationships with and mobilize individuals of a wide range of cultures, social, and economic groups. You should be in charge of organizing worker mobilization around workplace issues, politics, political administration, and other issues that concern workers’ lives. Through briefings, membership conferences, new member house visits, and special events, you must guide and train people, and member volunteers in recruiting memberships. Engage with the regional manager to organize involvement in political activities that make elected officials responsible for struggling families.

Union Representative Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Increasing the number of union members
  • Addressing members’ concerns
  • Dealing with organizational management in line with existing legislation, union bylaws, and sound industrial relations practice, and consulting with and obtaining assistance from the proper full-time trade union representative
  • Considering the undertaking or industry’s safe and effective functioning at all times
  • Participating in disciplinary hearings on behalf of members
  • Managing workplace complaint scenarios
  • Notifying other members
  • Supporting groupmates
  • Meetings of the entire body
  • Keeping yourself updated

Union Representative Skills and Qualification:

  • A Bachelor’s degree is required
  • More than 1 year of experience in a similar role is required
  • Understanding of labor rights, contract wording, PA grievance, political, budget, and lobbying plans from the extensive union
  • Skill to investigate, interpret, and explain laws, regulations, and procedures affecting home care employees at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Allocate and multitask tasks and obligations efficiently.
  • Power to make, create and implement plans while leading staff and volunteers
  • Excellent communication skills with demonstrated speech and presentation ability
  • Ability to coordinate plans and processes among teams while keeping track of their performance

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