Utility Worker Job Description


Cleaning and basic upkeep on structures and properties are the responsibilities of a utility worker, a maintenance specialist. Because they can be useful to any company or client that owns or uses a structure or facility, utility employees can operate in practically any industry. This can apply to residential housing, commercial properties, and public and private buildings. Utility personnel frequently possess a broad awareness of maintenance procedures, enabling them to carry out repairs, guarantee a building’s safety, and maintain both the interior and exterior of a structure. Cleaning and performing simple repairs in the workplace are a utility worker’s main duties. This can involve cleaning the interior rooms of a home, fixing equipment such as light fittings, and buying supplies and tools for cleansing and repairs. A utility worker can also provide external building maintenance by pruning trees, mowing lawns, gardening, and pulling weeds to preserve the facility’s landscaping. Utility workers typically follow the instructions of managers, executives, or maintenance personnel at the business whose facilities they are responsible for maintaining.

Utility Worker Job Titles:

  • Utility Worker
  • Utility Maintenance Worker

Utility Worker Job Summary:

Our firm is looking to hire an experienced utility worker who will capable of performing routing work perfectly. You will be effectively accountable for providing high-quality workmanship promptly and efficiently, guaranteeing promptness, safe practice, and compliance with company procedural floor treatment plans; retaining floor care devices; and thoroughly achieving work tasks to ensure the satisfaction of clients. You will also be directly accountable for floor care cleaning services, window cleaning, and general janitorial duties as per client and company values and procedures. You must be skilled in using highly specialized floor care gear, restoring hard surface floors, caring for carpets, and completing a variety of floor care tasks.

Utility Worker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Take direction from superiors regarding facility and system maintenance and repairs.
  • Job sites should be cleared and cleaned of trash and other dangerous items, and they should be returned to their former conditions.
  • Inspect, clean, and fix utility systems with the help of technicians and other technical workers.
  • Join the gutter and pothole repair efforts.
  • aid office workers with ground maintenance and custodial duties.
  • Keep clean and tidy the glass, ceilings, and floor coverings.
  • Clean out garbage cans and make sure trash is disposed of properly.
  • Stock up on supplies and clean the bathroom
  • Rearrange the building’s furnishings and equipment.
  • Support receiving, examining, and organizing office supplies as well as helping stock staff with their inventory duties.
  • Help with meal-serving duties.

Utility Worker Skills and Qualification:

  • Thorough understanding of the use of common hand and power tools.
  • Strong ability to correctly follow written and spoken directions.
  • Strong utility system installation and maintenance knowledge.
  • Being able to read maps, blueprints, meters, and pipeline designs.
  • Understanding the safety measures required to make sure that both oneself and one’s coworkers are protected at work.
  • Physical dexterity is designed to handle demanding manual tasks.
  • A thorough understanding of general upkeep and preventative measures.
  • The capacity to identify dangers and take precautions to avoid them.
  • Capable of establishing and preserving productive working relations with engineers.

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