Valet Attendant Job Description


Once guests arrive, the valet staff meets them and offers customer support by parking and returning their automobiles. They work at motels, cafes, and other businesses. The candidate must be courteous and enthusiastic, and their tasks include unloading baggage, securely parking the car, and retrieving it when the visitors are ready to go. They should park the automobile carefully and return it to the visitors as soon as possible. They must verify that cars parked are securely locked and keys are properly stowed. They keep traffic flowing smoothly and spare patrons from having to walk from their vehicles to the facility. When a patient is unable to physically travel from one location to another, accessibility is a significant benefit. They may be required to stay late.

Valet Attendant Job Titles:

  • Valet Attendant
  • Valet Assistant

Valet Attendant Job Summary:

We’re searching for someone with a diploma and experience working as a valet attendant. The Valet Parking Attendant is in charge of delighting customers to guests or patients in a timely, polite, and effective manner. They are in charge of transporting, parking, and retrieving visitor automobiles properly and safely, as well as aiding guests in getting into and out of their cars for entry and exit. Maintains an enjoyable, sociable, and professional demeanor with all consumers, workmates, and clients, recognizes and greets clients within five feet with a warm and courteous demeanor, uses visitor last names during conversations, utilizes salutation of the day,  welcomes patrons to the place, and practices appropriate USA Valet mobile etiquette are among the commitments. When he isn’t working on a project, he hangs out in specific places. Drives gently and safely while parking and retrieving automobiles at top speed. When needed, aids visitors with bell services and baggage lockers. For visitors, opens all cars and properly the doors. Provides guidance, cabs, bookings, and other information to clients. Customers are given details on the facility’s stores, conference spaces, and facilities, as well as the region’s significant attractions.

Valet Attendant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Meet and greet visitors to the facility, as well as offering expert valet service.
  • Control traffic in the car park and help guests in entering or exiting the parking
  • Respond to customers’ questions about nearby attractions, hotel facilities, and other services offered by holding the door open and aiding their baggage.
  • Gather and identify the keys that belong to the visitors to assure their safe return.
  • Park visitors’ cars in designated spots inside the car park while adhering to traffic rules
  • Drive safely and legally
  • Record any maintenance issues with the car park or garages
  • Perform guest services such as cleaning windows and trash disposal

Valet Attendant Skills and Qualification:

  • A diploma or its equivalent is required.
  • Must have a minimum of one year of knowledge in a related field
  • Must have a valid id
  • No past driving charges
  • Clean look and uniform care
  •  The ability to perform in a static posture for longer periods is required
  • Must have a clean background
  • Able to perform the task
  • Excellent client skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Attention to detail
  • Quick response, dependable, and must have good interpersonal skills

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