Ward Clerk Job Description


In a healthcare context, such as a medical or surgical ward, a ward clerk offers broad administrative, secretarial, and support programs. Ward clerks deal with a lot of patients who might need various medical services. They must also ensure that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers have entry to patient medical records in addition to taking calls, upgrading private patient information, and maintaining patient confidentiality. Additionally, they communicate often with clients, their loved ones, and caregivers to ensure they have all of the details they require in their care. A ward clerk at a sizable hospital frequently collaborates with a team and may be given more particular tasks, like completing paperwork. Workers at smaller clinics could expect to do a variety of clerical duties own. Ward clerks must work well with other medical practitioners to deliver the best care because it takes a team to do this. They might do a large amount of entry and review, therefore they must have the ability to spot errors. Even though a ward clerk isn’t a medical expert, it’s crucial to have a foundational understanding of medicine to operate in the healthcare sector.

Ward Clerk Job Titles:

  • Ward Clerk
  • Hospital Clerk
  • Clerk

Ward Clerk Job Summary:

We are looking to appoint a ward clerk for our hospital and the candidate should have enough expertise in a similar field. You need a good general education to work as a ward clerk. There are no formal entry requirements, however administration and IT, English, and math are useful topics. As assigned by your team manager or the admin manager, you will assist with the day-to-day operations of the ward area, including general administrative tasks. Your primary responsibilities will be to handle phone inquiries, welcome patients, visitors, and caregivers, manage the filing systems on the ward, set up and update patient health records, obtain health records for new inpatient care, and acquire and manage ward supplies.

Ward Clerk Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist the medical team and make sure the patient care unit is maintained properly.
  • Maintain an effective communications system and control traffic.
  • Help the nurses out and make sure every unit is kept clean enough.
  • Maintain and keep up-to-date the computerized patient database, and inform the nursing staff of every diagnosis.
  • Verify that the unit receives the required services and supplies by coordinating with other departments.
  • Help the nurses and direct patients into and out of the unit.
  • Give all healthcare operations the proper educational resources.
  • Compile and modify patient charts with supplementary information from other divisions’ records and forms.

Ward Clerk Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma is required
  • More than 2 years of experience in a similar field
  • Understanding of word processing programs in particular
  • Needed are strong computer, interpersonal, and customer service abilities.
  • An adequate background investigation and drug testing before hiring
  • Convey information about a patient’s health accurately
  • Practical expertise in the practice field
  • Understanding, speaking and writing the English language

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