Warehouse Administrator Job Description


Warehouse administrators are in charge of an organization’s inventory control. Acquiring, distributing, and deploying stock, as well as handling interaction between freight firms and warehouse clients, are all part of this process. Warehouse administrators are in charge of all inventory data entry and accounting. Handling receipts, keeping records, and tracking the details of all transactions are all part of this job. They also schedule inductions for new employees, oversee Occupational Health and Safety processes, and schedule inbound deliveries. They may also be required to help with general logistic duties. Scheduling deliveries related to product accessibility and client needs, tracking orders to assure consistent delivery, and producing shipping documentation are just a few of the other responsibilities. Warehouse administrators split their time between sitting in an office and laboring in crowded warehouses. Administrators may be expected to wear protective gear, like as good visibility clothes, and observe strict safety precautions in facilities to reduce dangers. The task can be quickly at times, and warehouse executives must be able to focus on many duties at the same time.

Warehouse Administrator Job Titles:

  • Warehouse Administrator
  • Logistic Administrator

Warehouse Administrator Job Summary:

We’re searching for a Logistics Administrator to assist us in running our warehouse efficiently and safely. Handling all supply chain activities, from arranging shipments to handling shipping documentation, is one of the Logistics Administrator’s tasks. To be effective in this role, you must be well-organized and have a thorough understanding of the order fulfillment process. Finally, you will make certain that our clients receive the correct orders promptly. Organize and manage the cycle count and physical stock procedure with the help of the Inventory Control Manager or Warehouse Manager. Strengthen operations and technology integration in collaboration with the Customer Service and Sales departments.

Warehouse Administrator Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Compare stock between SAP and external facilities.
  • Ensure that the administration of losses, lost and found, and scrapping appointments in the SAP inventory is reliable.
  • To summarise department data produces basic reporting using Microsoft Office and warehouse management tools.
  • Maintain SAP interface for servers and peripheral devices
  • Ensures internal order interaction inside the company
  • Contacts freight firms to schedule shipping dates
  • Guarantees that all loads are ready to ship on time.
  • Align the supply chain practices to improve delivery quality.
  • Maintain up-to-date records of orders, vendors, and clients by scheduling shifts for our drivers and warehousing workers.
  • Monitor the inventory levels in our facility and place supplies as needed.
  • Consumers should be informed about the progress of their purchases.

Warehouse Administrator Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in supply chain management or logistics is preferred
  • Minimum 2 years of expertise in a similar role
  • Understanding logistics programs or transportation management systems is a plus.
  • Basic accounting expertise Great time management and organizational abilities Strong communication skills
  • Supports data security mechanisms to keep data safe against unauthorized access.
  • To ensure efficient booking and pick-up, provide great customer care to our clients’ logistics staff and chosen carriers.
  • Supervising business operations
  • Client calls and emails are answered.
  • Keeping spreadsheets and other data up to date

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