Taxi Driver Resume Sample

A taxi driver is a person who works to drive a cab with the motive of transferring passengers from one place to another. Their duty also involves transporting luggage from one destination to other. They collect the fare from passengers and they help travelers loading and unloading luggage. The drivers are responsible to follow traffic … Read more

Forklift Driver Resume Sample

There are many people who have a great hand and can effortlessly handle a variety of heavy pieces of equipment. Forklift drivers are one among them whose job involves operating industrial trucks to load and unload stock and moving then to and fro from storage areas. Forklift driver must ensure efficiency and safety while performing … Read more

CDL Driver Resume Sample

CDL drivers are professionals who transport distinct items from the distribution center to the client’s location. Their job involves loading and unloading goods from the trailer and performing a thorough inspection of the heavy vehicle before and after a trip. They drive a different kind of trucks. Drivers who are transferring dangerous goods must strictly … Read more

Delivery Driver Resume Sample

Delivery drivers assemble goods and transfer them to a distinct destination. They convey a variety of material ranging from food to furniture to one city to another or neighborhood state. It is their duty to transfer goods in a safe and timely manner. The delivery boys will pick up and drop off wares at assigned … Read more

Truck Driver Resume Sample

A Truck driver transport goods and raw materials from manufacturing plant to retail centers. Truck drivers often spent their night away from home. They often go for long trips or uphill work and their duty involves assisting loading and unloading vehicle. Drivers must hold a commercial driving license and they must be attentive following safe … Read more

Bus Driver Resume Sample

Bus drivers are responsible for transiting people from one place to another for work, school and for other reasons. Their duties include collecting fare from commuters, announcing bus routes, issuing tickets and ensuring commuters get down safely. The professionals must possess perfect knowledge about driving regulations and transport policies. Local bus drivers transfer passengers on … Read more