Software Tester Resume Sample

A software tester is also known as quality assurance tester and it is their duty to design testing scenarios for software usability. They have to run those tests, prepare reports on the effectiveness and report defects to the production team. The job duties and responsibilities of a software tester involves reviewing software requirement, preparing test … Read more

Personal Banker Resume Sample

Personal banker’s primary task involves managing customer’s bank account and finance, also advising clients on financial services and reaching out to customers to sell out their services. They have to maintain a long term relationship with clients. A personal banker job duties involve helping customers in various bank services to meet their needs, managing customer … Read more

Internal Auditor Resume Sample

Internal auditors are accounting professionals and they provide organization guidance on financial accuracy, regulatory compliances, and internal control. They improve operating practices, financial and risk management processes of an organization. Internal auditor job responsibilities include identifying and assessing areas of business risk, implementing best audit practices with applicable internal audit statement, manage audit assignments, identifying … Read more

Home Health Aide Resume Sample

Home health aide provides health care assistance to patients at their residence. They help those clients who are unable to care for themselves or perform daily routine. They provide basic medical service and examine vital signs. Some of them specialize in pediatric home health. The job duties and responsibilities of home health aide involves helping … Read more

Car Driver Resume

A car driver undertakes various conveying duties and they usually work for hotel, restaurants, organization and delivery service. Their job involves transferring passengers from airport to hotel, picking and dropping employees to office, interacting with passengers in a professional manner.   Drivers should be punctual with good time management skill. They may need to load … Read more

Delivery Driver Job Description

Introduction: A delivery driver’s job focuses on transferring and shipment of various light stocks and products to a different location. Drivers may steer automobile, car, and pickup van, small truck to transport and deliver packages. Delivery drivers are usually employed by postal offices, courier agencies, online stores, supermarkets, and parcel delivery companies. Some other employers … Read more

Soccer Coach Resume Sample

Soccer coaches are generally former players and they pass their knowledge and skill to students in schools and colleges by providing the team training necessary to win the game. Coaches supervise training sessions to develop fitness and soccer skill. They manage a team of students and focus on training them in specific areas. They practice … Read more

Data Entry Clerk Resume Sample

A data entry clerk has to gather information from various sources and capture them into databases. The data entry professional responsibilities include maintaining and updating information on computer system, input customer and account data by coding text-based and numerical information from source documents within a time limit, compile and verify the accuracy of the information, … Read more

Air Traffic Controller Resume

An air traffic controller’s primary duty remains coordinating the movement of air traffic ensuring air crafts stay a safe distance apart. Controllers manage multiple aircraft at the same time as their main concern remains safety. It is their duty to manage the flow of aircraft into and out of the airspace and they should guide … Read more

Shuttle Driver Job Description

Introduction: The primary task of a shuttle driver is to convey travelers on a bus, van or another light vehicle’s from one location to another. Their driving job differs from others because they operate the vehicle in a particular route and sometimes they cover particular distance. There is a shuttle bus that usually operates in … Read more