Tow Truck Driver Resume Sample

A tow truck driver assists with vehicle accidents and breakdown. They usually rush towards the scene of an accident and then attach the damaged vehicle to their truck and tow back safely to the service station. When unfortunate circumstances happen on the highway a tow truck driver will help you out tow your car to … Read more

Office Clerk Resume Sample

An office clerk is a profession in which the person is responsible for performing both clerical and administrative tasks in an office. Primary responsibilities of an office clerk include answering phone calls and greeting clients cordially, assisting secretaries in handling emails, performing bookkeeping chore, compiling financial records, answering inquiries about the firm, helping employees organize … Read more

Truck Driver Job Description

Introduction: A truck driver transport company specialized products from one location to another instead of people. They may steer heavy trucks or small van for transporting freightage to different locations. Drivers must ensure the safety of cargo and the vehicle on the road. Truck Driver Job Titles: Truck Driver Truck Driver (5+ Years’ Experience) Dump … Read more

Forklift Driver Job Description

Introduction: Forklift drivers operate forklift moving stocks around warehouses, factories, worksites , and construction sites. The machine has a hydraulic lifting mechanism and forks move heavy and large goods from one location to another. It is the fork that lifts goods and operating a forklift machine is not an easy task. Drivers may require working … Read more

Basketball Coach Resume Sample

A basketball coach should be a role model for the players on his team. The coach mold and develop his team and he is accountable for his team well-being and safety. The coach will be training children, adults, and professionals. He develops an appropriate curriculum and coaching philosophy to teach the sport. He should motivate … Read more

Bus Driver Job Description

Introduction: Bus drivers are employed by transportation companies, private firms, and schools to steer bus or van transporting passengers through designated routes. Public bus drivers are responsible to charge fares from passengers. It is their duty to help elderly passengers to get off the vehicle safely. Drivers must adhere to traffic laws and public transportation … Read more

FedEx Driver Resume Sample

FedEx drivers employ Fedex Company and their job involves delivering packages to customers and building a strong customer relationship. Drivers pick up and drop parcels at home and firm when they are on a particular delivery route. He must perform his duty efficiently to ensure pick up and delivery task assigned for the day is … Read more

Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description

Introduction: The pizza delivery driver works for a pizza restaurant and they operate car, bike and minivan to deliver pizza to home, business and other locations. After the delivery of food, they have to accept payment from the customer. The drivers often get tips for fast delivery and service. Drivers need to be very friendly … Read more

Pizza Delivery Driver Resume

A pizza delivery driver is a person who distributes pizza by driving a bike, car or a van. They take up pizzas from the restaurant or café, load pizza container and deliver the food packet to the customer at home or office. Drivers working as a pizza delivery boy must be familiar with routes and … Read more

School Bus Driver Job Description

Introduction: School bus drivers are around kids most of the day and it’s their responsibility to pick up kids from home and drop them at school. After school, the driver is in charge of dropping kids back to their home or residential bus stop. School bus drivers spend the most time working in their vehicles … Read more