Risk Analyst Resume Examples

A risk analyst is responsible for studying or investigating the company’s investment portfolio including overseas expenditure and examines the risk involved in associated decisions. Professionals need to use their analytical skills to show potential losses and provide suggestions to limit risk through currency exchange and other investment strategies. A risk analyst usually employs in international … Read more

Sales Executive Resume Sample

Sales executive act as a mediator between an organization and clients by answering queries, providing advice, and introducing new products. Their primary duty is to promote products and services to customers and negotiate contracts to maximize profit. They employ manufacturers, retailers, service industries, charities, and industrial organizations. Staff with special knowledge will be employed in … Read more

Project Engineer Resume Sample

Project engineers are responsible for preparing, scheduling, coordinating, and monitoring the assigned engineering projects. Project engineers are accountable for all engineering and technical disciplines that projects and involved in. They need to schedule, plan, forecast, resource, and manage all technical activities aiming at assured project accuracy and quality from conception to completion. The job duties … Read more

Warehouse Assistant Resume

A warehouse assistant is responsible for managing the organizing, receiving, and shipping of products from the warehouse. The job involves professional to spend their day moving around warehouses checking the stock. They need to be physically fit to lift big boxes and the role depends heavily on teamwork. They are directly employed in the supply … Read more

Full Stack Developer Resume Sample

A full-stack developer is an IT professional who works on both the back end and front end of the system. They develop a full-fledged platform with a database, server, and clients who don’t need other applications to function. The professional uses a wide range of technologies and languages to develop applications. A full-stack developer approaches … Read more

Web Developer Resume Sample

A web developer is responsible for creating a website layout using standard HTML or CSS practices. They integrate data from various back-end services and databases and they are accountable for coding, creating innovative designs and layout for the website. The duties of a web developer include writing well-designed, efficient code by using software development practices, … Read more

Audit Associate Resume Sample

Audit associates are accounting experts and they assist in-house auditing teams with regular functions. They organize and draft financial statements, plan budgets, direct financial audit and verify financial data of a company. In this position, they need to prepare a budget, draft financial statement and create internal auditing systems. The roles and function of an … Read more

Sales Associate Resume Sample

Sales associates are those professionals who work for retailers, those who sell clothes, office supplies, jewelry, and sporting products. They have to go the extra mile to drive sales ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction while performing the task. They have to greet customers, answer to their queries, help with refunds and returns and … Read more

Stock Associate Resume Sample

A stock associate plays a vital role in the retail industry. Without them, the stores would remain messy and shelves empty. The primary task of a stock associate is to receive, organize and maintain stock inventory. They are responsible for ensuring correct products are received to the customers on time and the parcel remains undamaged. … Read more

Graduate Accountant Resume Sample

A graduate accountant provides support to the finance department and performs daily accounting duties. The professional primary duty will be processing journal entries to ensure all business transactions are maintained properly and updating account receivable, payable, and perform reconciliations. The candidate needs to be an expert handling accounting process and able to work smoothly with … Read more