Graduate Accountant Resume Sample

A graduate accountant provides support to the finance department and performs daily accounting duties. The professional primary duty will be processing journal entries to ensure all business transactions are maintained properly and updating account receivable, payable, and perform reconciliations. The candidate needs to be an expert handling accounting process and able to work smoothly with … Read more

Staff Accountant Resume Sample

Staff accountant employs in an accounting department of an organization and they perform a variety of tasks such as maintaining the general ledger, reviewing the financial statement, documenting financial reports, assisting audits and budgeting process, and reconciling accounts. The job responsibilities of a staff accountant include preparing internal and external financial statement by gathering data … Read more

Financial Accountant Resume Sample

A financial accountant’s primary duty is to run the accounting and financial activities of an organization. They gather monitor financial data and prepare reports like balance sheets and income statements providing financial advice as well as an insight into the cost and revenue of a company. The job duties of a financial accountant include preparing … Read more

Chartered Accountant Resume Sample

A chartered accountant is also named as a certified public accountant and their primary task is to implement accounting systems, prepare monthly financial reports, and submit corporate tax returns. They work in various organizations like public practice firm and industry, non-profit and public sectors. They need to work strategically and they aim maximizing profit of … Read more

Indian Accountant Resume Sample

Indian accountant is responsible for analyzing financial information and preparing financial reports to maintain the record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, and other financial activities within an organization. The job duties of an Indian accountant includes preparing financial statement and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting standard, compute the … Read more

Tax Accountant Resume Sample

A tax accountant’s primary duty is to assist clients and organizations related to their financial and income tax statements. They are qualified professionals and they perform research, study, and interpret tax law. The job duties of a tax accountant include preparing tax returns payment and reports, researching and assessing difficult tax issues to recognize solutions, … Read more

Cost Accountant Resume

Cost accountant assists businesses by analyzing cost expenditures and procurement within the organization. The cost accountant’s primary task includes reviewing services, recording information, performing cost analyses, preparing budget reports, and building an updated database. They are expected to be detail-oriented, confident, professional, and meticulous. The job responsibilities include developing and maintaining cost accounting system documents … Read more