Data Analyst Resume Sample

A data analyst’s primary task is to store information on sales numbers, market research, logistics, and linguistics. They are responsible to turn data into information and information to insight and later to a business decision. They develop analysis, report capabilities, monitor performance, quality control plans and identify improvements. A data analyst job duties remain managing information including creating, updating and deletion, managing users, providing quality assurance of imported data, working with quality assurance analyst, ordering and deactivating of data sets, processing confidential data as per guidelines, helping develop report and analysis, managing and designing the report environment, supporting the data warehouse in identifying report requirement, supporting initiatives for data integrity, assessing test and implementing software, assisting strategic decisions on new system, generating reports from multiple system, troubleshooting the report database environment, evaluating changes and updating source production system and training end-users about dashboard. A data analyst should hold a bachelor’s degree and must have experience in a similar field. They should be able to work with stakeholders to assess potential risks.

Data Analyst Resume

Name: Oscar Wilson

Address: 185 W Redding Street, Salt Lake City, UT 1134 Phone: 574 – 348-716 Email[email protected]
Current Job: Data Analyst, New Parkland Corporation, New Parkland, CA


Motivated and responsible data analyst with enough experience in increased comprehension of reports and presentations by the professional. Highly educated and professionally certified data analyst with great understanding handling various languages. Energetic and confident communicator with the ability to circulate information in a way that remains clear and efficient. Expert providing realist options and establish various scenarios to determine viable process strategies to utilize.


  • Detail-oriented, thorough and vigilant collecting necessary information
  • Skilled understanding of data effectively in a way that can make sense to end-users
  • Competent communicator and confident presenter to report findings to senior management
  • Technologically savvy to assist end-users with great understanding about the technology

Work Experience

Data Analyst, New Parkland Corporation, New Parkland, CA ( 2016 – present )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • collected data from dales, marketing, and finance department to be used in an organization structure
  • organized and disseminated data across departments to be used for drawing conclusion about the success of current methods
  • presented detailed report and helped to identify scenarios to utilize modification in data

Data Analyst, Lake City Industries, New Parkland, CA  (2014 – 2016 )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • interpreted data from primary and secondary sources using statistical techniques
  • compiled and validated data and reinforced compliances with the corporate standard
  • developed and initiated more efficient data collection techniques

Data Analyst, Dell Technologies, New Parkland, CA  (2012 – 2014 )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performed daily data queries and prepared a report on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Used advanced excel function to generate spreadsheet and pivot tables


Masters in Business Management – University Of California, New Parkland, CA  

Bachelor Degree in Science – New Parkland Business College, New Parkland, CA  

High School: St. Louis High School, New Parkland, CA  


Dave Peterson, Data Analyst, Lake City Industries, New Parkland, CA  

Personal Information:

  • Civil Status: Married
  • Date of Birth: 25/6/1998
  • Hobbies: Playing hockey and driving

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