Warehouse Assistant Resume

A warehouse assistant is responsible for managing the organizing, receiving, and shipping of products from the warehouse. The job involves professional to spend their day moving around warehouses checking the stock. They need to be physically fit to lift big boxes and the role depends heavily on teamwork. They are directly employed in the supply … Read more

Purchasing Assistant Resume Sample

Purchasing assistant helps managers monitor stock level, identify purchasing needs and conduct market research. They used to conduct meetings with vendors and ensure all goods are of good quality and delivered on time. A purchasing assistant needs to be energetic and well-organized. The job duties and responsibilities of a purchasing agent includes organizing trips to … Read more

HR Assistant Resume Sample

An HR assistant assists in creating policies, process and documents and they act as a liaison between HR and employees. An HR assistant performs day to day HR functions and duties and it is their task to provide clerical and administrative support to human resource executives. They need to compile and update employee records and … Read more

Graduate Assistant Resume Sample

A graduate assistant’s primary duty is to help various departments, students, and professors in research or administrative capacity. They are accountable for organizing events, supervise residence assistants, assist professors for various administrative duties, and perform various research tasks. They usually employ at universities, colleges, junior colleges, professional schools, technical schools, computer training schools, and business … Read more

Store Assistant Resume

A store assistant employs in the retail sector and they perform tasks related to generating business for their employer. They are managed by the supervisor or assistant manager and their primary task involves merchandising the floor, processing inventory, and selling products to customers. The job duties of a store assistant include providing assistance to the … Read more

Chiropractic Assistant Resume

The chiropractic assistant assists a chiropractor in running a clinic. The assistant provides administrative and clinical support ensuring the practice runs smoothly. They need to greet patients and make them feel comfortable inside the clinic. Some of the job responsibilities of a chiropractic assistant include ensuring the waiting area remains in superb condition all the … Read more

Library Assistant Resume Sample

Library assistant or librarian’s primary duty is to manage a library by helping customers locate a book, checking books at the front desk and arranging books according to their categorization. They manage inquiries over the counter through mail or phone. A library assistant responsibilities includes helping customers locate book and other material online, sorting books, … Read more

Student Assistant Resume Sample

The student assistant employs the university staff member and they perform various administrative tasks. A good candidate works under pressure and they should be able to perform multi-tasking addition to completing their studies. The job duties of a student assistant include performing research for lecture preparation, proofreading academic papers written by the university staff, liaising … Read more

Finance Assistant Resume Sample

The finance assistant is accountable to update the financial spreadsheet, prepare a balance sheet, track and reconcile bank statements. The need to support the financial manager in the daily transaction including expenses and payroll. Candidates need to have an accounting background to handle procedures like tax management and budget preparation. They are responsible to maintain … Read more

Personal Care Assistant Resume

A personal care assistant is medical professionals who are responsible for providing personal aide to support physically or mentally challenged patients in their everyday lives. They need to ensure patient receive their medication on time, support clients who can’t move on their own, help client dress bath, and eat. The medical professional needs to be … Read more