Executive Chef Resume Sample

An executive chef supervises the daily operation of the restaurant kitchen and ensures the team delivers high-quality cost-effective dishes promptly. The role and responsibilities of an executive chef includes planning and directing food preparation, modifying menus, creating new menus that meet quality standards, estimating food requirement, assisting kitchen staff activities, making arrangement for purchasing equipment, recruiting and managing kitchen staff, rectifying complaints, giving final touch to plates, performing administrative duties, complying sanitation regulation and safety standards, maintaining a positive approach towards staff and customers, monitoring performance standard of staff, taking stock of food and equipment suppliers, performing purchase orders of new kitchen equipment’s, hiring and training kitchen staff, reviewing staff level to meet service and financial objectives, coordinating cooks tasks and implementing hygiene policies. An executive chef must possess a degree in culinary arts with more than 5 years of experience in a similar field.  They need to have advanced knowledge of food professional practices and must be proficient in handling human resources. Executive chef should be ready to work on-call, shift, after hours and during weekends. They should be ready to meet deadlines.

Executive Chef Resume

Name: Suzanne Peterson

Address: 786 Oakley Drive, Chicago, IL
Phone: 515 – 302-7416
Email: [email protected]
Current Job:  Executive Chef, Star Food Concepts Inc., Chicago, ILL


A passionate certified executive chef and international culinary guru with more than 6 years of experience specialized in various cuisines. Well recognized for innovative recipes and cost-effective kitchen management. Knowledgeable in FDA rules and regulations and exceptional time manager. Highly competent manager and eager to learn new techniques in food preparation.


  • Certified in culinary arts and recognized as the youngest chef by leading food publications
  • Specialized in unique fusion cuisine
  • Proficient with various restaurant management software
  • Strong leadership and exceptional team-building skill
  • Great understanding of high-level customer service and food quality
  • Able to develop a strong culinary team to assure food quality, recipe, techniques, and labor costs

Work Experience

Executive Chef, Star Food Concepts Inc., Chicago, ILL ( 2016 – present )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Compiling budget and product projections
  • Developing a new menu based on the latest techniques and market trend
  • Establish a cost-effective solution for menu additions and changes
  • Consulted with F&B management to ensure quality food production

Executive Chef, Chez Frizo, Chicago, ILL (2014 – 2016 )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervised in the preparation of complex dishes
  • Provided oversight for overall cleaning and maintenance of kitchen area and equipment
  • Kept updated with new culinary techniques and trained staff accordingly
  • Examined products to ascertain quality and price were compatible

Executive Chef, The Orchard, Chicago, ILL (2012 – 2014 )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted staff and involved in full-service restaurant operations
  • Implemented energy-efficient designs for the new kitchen and dining area layout
  • Safeguard excellent food quality and presentation ensuring restaurant standards are well-maintained


Masters in Culinary Arts – New York University, Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts – Monroe College-Rochelle, NY

High School: St. Mary’s High School, New Jersey, NY


Jay Adams, Executive Chef, Chez Frizo, Chicago, ILL

Personal Information:

  • Civil Status: Married
  • Date of Birth: 11/3/1996
  • Hobbies: Playing volleyball and caroms

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