Law Clerk Resume Sample

Law clerks are legal professionals and they assist lawyers and judges. They perform legal research and analysis, produce legal documents, assemble case materials and prepare reports in order to prepare before lawyers and judges. The main job of law clerk include assisting and counseling lawyers and judges on their primary tasks, interpreting law for specific cases, conducting legal research and analysis, ensuring case documents are properly ordered, attending court sessions and recording critical information, performing basic courtroom activities, providing assistance during court proceeding by preparing for the case and examining legal documents and finally coordinating and scheduling appointments. A law clerk must possess excellent interpersonal and writing skills. The clerk must be a law graduate and must possess two years of work experience in a legal environment. The person must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. It is essential for the clerk to have great document management skills.

Law Clerk Resume

Name: Vincent Turner

Address: 100 Royal Worcester Drive, London, England, W1T1JY
Phone: 770 – 334-7299
Email: [email protected]
Current Job: Legal Clerk, Randal Associates, La Crosse, WI


Law Clerk expertized in intellectual property, trademark licensing and other property issues. Representing clients before the court and other lower court tribunals and administrative bodies utilizing research skills supporting client interest. Seeking a job as a legal clerk at the law firm and ready to use my administrative and research skills assisting clients, attorneys, and judges.


  • Possess exceptional research and analytical skill
  • Have a strong bond with key players in the legal system
  • Comfortable employing with a range of legal courts including US appeal, tax courts, and federal claims
  • In-depth knowledge about the process involved in the court proceeding
  • Perform thorough study on current law before guiding clients on any legal move
  • Skilled in formulating, drafting, reviewing and proofing legal contracts

Work Experience

Legal Clerk, Randal Associates, La Crosse, WI (2016 – present )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Handling clients, handling documents, researching and drafting reports on case law
  • Responding to clients queries politely
  • Assisting attorney in conducting a background check on clients
  • Properly maintaining the certified copies of the document issued by the court
  • Preparing detail report of documents before presenting them to court

Legal Clerk, Petersen Legal Team, La Crosse, WI (2014 – 2016)
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Studied assigned cases through interview and extensive research
  • Documented lease contract and affidavit
  • Reviewed petition for clients and filed them with the court
  • Assisted in a variety of administrative duties
  • Assisted in proofreading of reports for several attorneys

Legal Clerk, Smith Associates, La Crosse, WI (2012 – 2014)
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Sending and receiving faxes related to legal issues
  • Managing office duties and administrative work
  • Keeping all the documents organized making them easier to retrieve
  • Drafting reports and communicating with clients through mail and phone
  • Distributing and retrieving legal documents and files
  • Collecting and submitting office expenses to the accounts department
  • Supervised new employees and interns


Bachelor’s Degree in Law
White Hawk Law College, La Crosse, WI

High School: Lowell High School, CA


Jude William, Legal Clerk, Petersen Legal Team, La Crosse, WI

Personal Information:

  • Civil Status: Married
  • Date of Birth: 21/7/1995
  • Hobbies: driving and cooking

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