CDL Driver Resume Sample

CDL drivers are professionals who transport distinct items from the distribution center to the client’s location. Their job involves loading and unloading goods from the trailer and performing a thorough inspection of the heavy vehicle before and after a trip. They drive a different kind of trucks. Drivers who are transferring dangerous goods must strictly follow safety policy.

Drivers must hold a commercial driver’s license in order to drive trucks conveying risky goods and bulky items that weigh more than 26,001 pounds. It is beneficial for a driver to have a class A CDL for interstate transport. They should have good knowledge about routes and must be willing to work under pressure. They must possess excellent driving skill to operate large vehicles safely.

Commercial drivers must be physically fit and should have a high level of mental stamina if they need to drive the longer distance. They collaborate with the dispatchers and logistics team while completing their trip.

CDL Driver Resume

Name: Edward Martello

Address: Omaha, NE
Phone: 402-926-6493
Email: [email protected]
Current Job: CDL driver at WeberTransportation, Lincoln, NE


Certified freightage professional reputed for brilliance and impeccable driving report. Efficient to plan routes precisely and transfer loads promptly. Maintain all documents according to state and federal regulations. Physically fit and in good health to ensure attentiveness during night driving.


  1. Must be expertise steering large and heavy vehicles to deliver goods
  2. The driver should possess experience driving long haul routes and must hold a CDL license
  3. He should securely run and steer huge tractor-trailers
  4. Should have a clean driving record and must be able to drive during night hours
  5. The driver should maintain an accurate record of logs of journeys, miles traveled, pick up and deliveries completed
  6. They should effectively communicate with the logistic persons and must be able to work in a team
  7. Must be able to inspect the vehicle and do maintenance during their routes
  8. Make sure they are conveying within the limits set by motor safety administration

Work Experience

CDL driver at WeberTransportation, Lincoln, NE ( 2016 – present )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Establishing programs and policies that would ensure the safety of drivers in order to minimize vehicle accidents and injuries
  • Functioning with the management to recruit and hire CDL certified drivers
  • Organizing routine vehicle inspection and maintenance and supervising drivers
  • Tracking international shipment, confirming compliance with export and import law
  • Locating and allotting available trucks for cargo transportation

CDL Truck driver, Farmland Inc, Lincoln, NE( 2014 – 2016 )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Transporting load from starting point to the destination as per clients contract agreement
  • Coordinating deliveries with the client schedule
  • Preparing and managing delivery documentation
  • Performing daily pre-trip inspection using a checklist and submitting reports post-delivery
  • Maintaining document about the trip and delivery expense and reviewing the invoice for accuracy

Truck Driver, United Transport Lincoln, NE ( 2012 – 2014 )
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Organizing local and other state deliveries, coordinating the team to deliver goods on time
  • Loading and unloading stock, and reviewing the deliveries at the destination ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining delivery invoice and collecting payment from the customer


CDL Training, NSTC Fleet Management Institute, FL
Certified Transportation Professional
Class A license Endorsements

High School: Edgewood Senior High School


James Doe, Glowgistics, NE, FL

Personal Information:

  • Civil Status: Married, two children
  • Date of Birth: 10/11/1976
  • Hobbies: Cycling

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