Video Editor Job Description

Introduction: Video editors are multimedia professionals who handle the post-production process of creating videos or films. They compile raw footage and edit them to form movies making them fully ready for viewing. They review shooting script to create a shot decision list base don the scenes value and contribution. Video editors use complex editing software … Read more

Dump Truck Driver Job Description

Introduction: Dump truck driver job involves transporting garbage, dirt, construction material from various locations to the dump yard. The drivers usually drive a vehicle equipped with open beds to transport rock, sand, and gravel to various locations. Drivers have to follow a strict schedule of pickup and deliveries and during the winter season, they have … Read more

Ambulance Driver Job Description

Introduction: An ambulance driver’s job involves operating an ambulance to take an injured or sick person to the hospital and taking emergency medical professionals to the accident site to provide them immediate medical care. The driver’s job needs to drive the vehicle quickly and safely to address emergency and then back to the hospital. They … Read more

UPS Driver Job Description

Introduction: A UPS driver’s primary task involves transporting freight through the designated routes and delivering them to the customers quickly and efficiently. The job is best for those who can work in a deadline-driven environment and who prefer performing more physical jobs. It is his duty to ensure the shipment reaches customers promptly and after … Read more

Lyft Driver Job Description

Introduction: Lyft operates in the US and Canada. They set specific requirements on the vehicle used by the drivers and they offer several different levels of service. Passengers request a ride through Smartphone app and lyft drivers accept the request, transporting passengers to the destination providing in the app. After the ride, a passenger makes … Read more

Delivery Truck Driver Job Description

Introduction: A delivery truck driver steers a heavy truck or a van and their duty involves loading and unloading merchandise and delivering packages to the customer in a safe and secure manner. The drivers can also drive a UPS truck or a FedEx truck. The driver daily task involves loading packages against the shipping order … Read more

Office Driver Job Description

Introduction: Office driver is a profession in which individuals are hired by an organization and their primary duty remains transporting staff and clients from office to pre-assigned destination. As the task remains hard and an office driver needs to have good knowledge about various routes and highways to reach destination fast. Those who enjoy working … Read more

Personal Driver Job Description

Introduction: The primary duty of a personal driver is to convey passengers from one destination to another ina comfortable and efficient manner. He may work for an agency, company, or individuals and may use their own vehicle or employers. The task of a personal driver may change from employer to employer. Most of the time … Read more

Company Driver Job Description

Introduction: The company driver task involves conveying products and staff from the organization to other areas when required. His post requires taking care of a specific vehicle for the company. In some cases, he may ask to drive a certain type of vehicle if he holds experience steering that particular automobile. So his job demands … Read more

Taxi Driver Job Description

Introduction: Taxi drivers are also known by the name as chauffeurs and their task involves an operating car, SUV, van or limousine. Their responsibilities include carrying passengers from one destination to another. They collect passengers from a designated area along with their luggage and drop them at a designated location in the safest way possible. … Read more